Coober Pedy Town & Breakaways Flight



Coober Pedy, The Breakaways
30 mins
Min Passengers:

Coober Pedy Town & Breakaways Flight

$140 per adult
$140 per child

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Depart Coober Pedy via the township and surrounding Opal Mines, before making you way north east for the breakaway country.

The Breakaways are a striking & unique example of arid scenery.  Looking out over the breakaways it is hard to believe that over 70 million years ago, a vast inland sea covered the area. The region is rich in Aboriginal and European history and is home to an array of native fauna and flora, which have successfully adapted to one of the world's harshest environments. Definitely one of Outback South Australia's best-kept secrets!

The flight include full commentary via headsets worn by all passengers and superb window views.

Did you know?

The Breakaways Conservation Park got the name "The Breakaways" because the mesas and low hills appear from a distance as if "broken away" from the higher ground of the escarpment. The site is significant for the Antakirinja Matuntjara Yankunytjatjara People, whose name for the area is Umoona, meaning "long life", referring to a particular species of tree found in the area. (Wiikipedia).

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