Painted Desert Flight From Coober Pedy



Painted Desert
1 hour 10 mins
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Painted Desert Flight

$440 per adult
$440 per child

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The Painted Desert tour is an elaborate extension of the Breakaway's where your flight takes you along the edge of the escarpment for some 200 kilometres before flying over the Painted Desert, returning to Coober Pedy via the Moon Plain.

The edge of the escarpment is the coastline of the ancient Eromanga Sea, up until about 65 million years ago and is very spectacular because the erosion that has taken place since that time has exposed the beautiful colours which can be seen in many different formats along the way. 

There are plenty of photo opportunities of the very weathered escarpment, as numbers of tree lined creek beds wind their way towards Lake Cadibarrawirracanna or Lake Eyre. 

When rainy, this whole area is highlighted with green creek beds, where the different varieties of wild flowers will highlight the creek beds come August and September. 

Further on we fly over an area of hills shaped like an amphitheatre where there is 5 very distinct layers of different colours against the hills. Passengers are always amazed at the scenery leading up to and including the Painted Desert, then the vast contrast of the Moon Plain as your flight takes you back to Coober Pedy.

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