Our Aircraft


All of our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and our pilots operate the aircraft to the safest of design parameters.

All of our 18 aircraft have panoramic windows for excellent views & have personal head-sets supplied for discussion and commentary during the flight.


Tld Cessna Caravan High Res7

Cessna Grand Caravan

Engine: single turbine

Speed: 150KT / 280km/h 

Range: 900nm/1667km

Payload: 13 pax/1300kg


Cessna 210

Engine: single piston

Speed: 140KT / 260km/h 

Range: 600nm/1100km

Payload: 5 pax/400kg


Cessna 206

Engine: single piston

Speed: 110KT / 205km/h 

Range: 450nm/830km

Payload: 5 pax/450kg


Aerostar Twin Engine

Airconditioned and designed for maximum viewing pleasure & comfort.

Engine: twin piston

Speed: 195KT / 360km/h 

Range: 1150nm/2130km

Payload: 4 pax/400kg


Cessna 207

Engine: single piston

Speed: 115KT / 210km/h 

Range: 450nm/830km

Payload:6 pax/450kg


GA-8 Airvan

Engine: single piston

Speed: 115KT / 213km/h 

Range: 460nm/850km

Payload: 7 pax/500kg


Cessna 182

Engine: single piston

Speed: 130KT / 240km/h 

Range: 700nm/1300km

Payload: 3 pax/350kg


Cessna 172

Engine: single piston

Speed: 100KT / 185km/h 

Range: 450nm/830km

Payload: 3 pax/250kg

Our Cessna Grand Caravans (above left) are ideally suited to carrying 13 passengers in comfort. These turbine aircraft are brand new to the Wrightsair fleet and aims to provide quicker and more efficient travel for coach tour groups and corporate organisations. Our Piper Aerostar (above centre) is perfect for both short and long distance charter. Its cruise speed is higher than any other twin in its category providing an extremely fast and cost effective mode of transport for both passengers and freight. Its spacious cabin can carry 4 passengers and a pilot in luxurious comfort. It features leather seats and air-conditioning, perfect for the harsh Australian summers as well as state of the art instrumentation, which runs quietly ensuring the highest standards of passenger safety and comfort.

Our single-engined Cessna 210s, 207s, 206, 182 RG and 172s have proven their place in General Aviation for many decades and have been used throughout most countries and in all environmental extremities. The Cessna 210's speed and fuel efficiency make for an extremely cost effective mode of transport. These aircraft are perfect for landings on short airstrips of all conditions and for general charter. These aircraft carry between 3 to 6 passengers.

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Visiting Aircraft requiring AVGAS or Jet A1

As of October 2018, All AVGAS purchases now require a credit card to swipe through on our new refuelling system.

Please ensure that you bring either a VISA or Mastercard credit card to purchase AVGAS or Jet A1. Thank you.