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ABC National Radio - Lake Eyre

  • 2023 June 06

Check out Trevor Wright's ABC Radio National interview here

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City Mag

  • 2023 June 02

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William Creek powered by Solar Energy! 2023

  • 2023 February 12

SOLAR ARRAY powers outback town of William Creek! 2023. Channel 7 arrived to view the 300 solar panel array at isolated William Creek in South Australia along the Oodnadatta track. "It's the only Solar Powered  town in S.A." says Trevor Wright. It will be a bonus to the 29,000 tourists that visit this iconic town during the tourist season. View You Tube clip:   William Creek powered by new Solar Array! Feb. 2023.      

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Wrightsair emergency food flight to Oodnadatta!

  • 2022 February 15

Wrightsair flew an emergency supply of food into Oodnadatta, as town's shelves at the Pink Roadhouse ran dry. Channel 7 Reporters interviewed Peter Moore, owner of The Pink Roadhouse, as well as other locals who were very grateful of Wrightsair flying in supplies, as the road were cut off with flood water & the supply truck had broken down. Click this Instagram link to view footage:- Wrightsair flies food to Oodnadatta!  

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Macca from What's Up Down Under Visits William Creek!

  • 2021 June 10

Macca visits the iconic William Creek Hotel in early 2021. He interviews Trevor Wright who owns the Hotel and also goes for a flight around William Creek and Marree. Marree is home to the "Marree Man" , a giant earth  man image that can only be appreciated from the air. Please view Youtube clips below. What's Up Down Under William Creek Hotel  2021- YouTube What's Up Down Under Macca gets an air lift to the pub 2021 - YouTube    

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William Creek 3rd Annual Outback Fly-in - a huge success!

  • 2020 September 10

Last weekend 4th September - 6th September 2020 saw William Creek hold their Third Annual Outback Fly-in. With over 200 people attending over the whole weekend & 38 aircraft, it was a huge success!  It was great to see all the South Australians make the trip up to support our Outback Communities & get involved in all the weekends events.  Activities included CASA & Ozrunways seminars, Pub Trivia, a town tour, dog races, paper plane competitions & of course live music by Sarah Straschko, Acoustic Juice & John Schumann. A huge effort put in by the Wrightsair team and the …

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William Creek Sept 2020 FLY-IN

  • 2020 March 12

The WILLIAM CREEK FLY-IN is on again, come along! September 4th to September 6th 2020! PH: 0886 707 962 Wrightsair or email

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Channel 9 Honey visits William Creek!

  • 2019 July 06

Late June 2019 Channel 9 Honey visited the outback town of William Creek and spoke with publican and tour operator, Trevor Wright. In the 4 min video clip Trevor explains the beauty and unique significance of this region and how he has been out here for almost 30 years. The iconic William Creek Hotel, its camp ground and surrounds feature. Trevor takes the reporter for a scenic flight over Lake Eyre to view the flood waters, pelicans and enormity of the lake, afterwards a spectacular flight over the Anna Creek Painted Hills then after landing a walk around. Click link …

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Dalhousie Springs Top swim destination

  • 2019 February 11

Qantas Top Swim destinations away from the crowds in Australia, ranks Dalhousie Springs in Outback South Australia at Number 24! Click on link below to see full article:- Qantas Top Swim Spots Call Wrightsair in 08 8670 7962 or email to enquire about flights to this amazing outback thermal springs destination.

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The best scenic flights to take over Australia

  • 2019 January 11

The Best Scenic Flights to take over Australia!  Click above link with Wilpena Pound and Lake Eyre getting top billing in this feature article in Australian Traveller magazine dated 2019 Wilpena Pound and Lake Eyre: Flinders Ranges – SA Wilpena Pound is an amphitheatre of serrated mountains around 17 kilometres long and eight kilometres wide but it’s only from above that you can grasp its striking crater-like appearance and begin to imagine how the slow folding of sedimentary layers around 800 million years old once created it. Surrounding the Pound, mountain ranges such as the Heysen and Elder also …

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