Mt Eba Station

Mt Eba Station 

Situated on the fringe of the Outback, Mt Eba Station near Glendambo in South Australia is a massive 3,370 square kilometres large and runs around 20,000 merino sheep. Mustering requires the use of motorbikes and a gyro copter.

It is located approximately 125 kilometres north west of Roxby Downs and 158 kilometres south east of Coober Pedy. It shares boundaries with Millers Creek Station to the north, The Twins Station to the west, Bon Bon Reserve to the south, and Parakylia Station to the east. The property is named for the solitary hill that rises 400 feet (122 m) from the surrounding plains.

Owned in partnership between Peter and Margie Whittlesea, Hayden and Michelle Whittlesea and Paul and Michelle Cousins the three couples bring together a unique depth of pastoral property management, merino sheep breeding and a lifetime of wool growing skills and experience.

It is hard to imagine the day to day life on a station the size of Mt Eba and for on property managers and residents Peter and Margie they said it offers a unique experience and one that they both enjoy.

Mount Eba Station is renowned for being the geographical centre of South Australia; it was once a stopover for fuel and food stores on the Old Stuart Highway. Established in 1874, Mount Eba is an authentic homestead, the original homestead now shearer’s quarters are still standing and operational today. The Mount Eba airstrip also has a fascinating past, once being used during the Second World War and by the Trans-Tasman Airlines. Today the Royal Flying Doctors Service uses Mount Eba Homestead for Bush Clinics. 


 It is the geographical centre of South Australia

 3,370 square kilometres

Situated 45km off the Stuart Highway 

The property is named for the solitary hill that rises 400 feet (122 m) from the surrounding plains


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