Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Conditions



Regular updates on Lake Eyre water levels, bird life, road conditions and more.

Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Information

Water Level:
Empty- White salt crust surface with water starting to come down the Warburton Groove
No wildflowers yet

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Lake Eyre Conditions & Water Levels

As of June 2021:

  • Belt Bay, Jackboot Bay & The Madigan Gulf have surface water from local rainfall but will soon evaporate
  • Halligan Point lookout, white salt shimmer - no water
  •  Water is sitting in the Warburton River, Lake Eyre is dry.

Bird Life - Channel Country

  • Bird life is frequently seen by air but not all bird types may be found on every flight (we cannot guarantee viewing of birds)
  •  Curently, June 2021 there are no birds in Lake Eyre. Pelicans, Swans, Cornorants, Ducks, Terms & Seagulls can be found in the Channel Country.

Wildflowers and Vegetation

  • Wildflowers are not in the Channel Country.
  •  As of April 2021 Wildflowers are starting to come alive again at the Anna Creek Painted Hills after some recent rainfall! - book your flight with ground tour here

Road Conditions

  • Our office cannot provide road guarantees
  • General information and warnings for outback roads can be found at the link below

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