William Creek - Lake Eyre Deluxe 



Lake Eyre
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William Creek - Lake Eyre Deluxe 

From $630 per adult
From $530 per child (4-12years, infants fly free of charge)

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This Lake Eyre flight departs William Creek for the southern end of Lake Eyre North, Belt Bay. This bay is the lowest point below sea level in Australia. We track across the bay for Silcrete Island and up the western shoreline of the Babbage Peninsula and up to Dulhunty Island. From there we pick up the Warburton Groove and follow the Groove up to the very northern end of the Lake to the Warburton Inlet.

We then follow the Warburton River up the Channel Country to the Kalaweerina Inlet and then return to William Creek. This flight allows you to go to the very north end of Lake Eyre to experience the river systems and the desert.

This flight offers you a great way to overview the lake, especially when the rivers are running and the birds are nesting.  On the flight enjoy the visual extremes of Lake Eyre, Australia's largest inland lake situated in South Australia. Its incredible colours and patterns become accentuated from the air whether full of water or totally dry. A totally captivating flight that will return you both visually impacted and educationally enriched.

The flight includes full commentary via headsets worn by all guests and superb window views.

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