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Wrightsair emergency food flight to Oodnadatta!

  • 2022 February 15

Wrightsair flew an emergency supply of food into Oodnadatta, as town's shelves at the Pink Roadhouse ran dry. Channel 7 Reporters interviewed Peter Moore, owner of The Pink Roadhouse, as well as other locals who were very grateful of Wrightsair flying in supplies, as the road were cut off with flood water & the supply truck had broken down. Click this Instagram link to view footage:- Wrightsair flies food to Oodnadatta!  

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Macca from What's Up Down Under Visits William Creek!

  • 2021 June 10

Macca visits the iconic William Creek Hotel in early 2021. He interviews Trevor Wright who owns the Hotel and also goes for a flight around William Creek and Marree. Marree is home to the "Marree Man" , a giant earth  man image that can only be appreciated from the air. Please view Youtube clips below. What's Up Down Under William Creek Hotel  2021- YouTube What's Up Down Under Macca gets an air lift to the pub 2021 - YouTube    

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