Flights to Dalhousie Thermal Springs!

Flights to Dalhousie Thermal Springs!

Flights to Dalhousie Thermal Springs!


Wrightsair now offers exclusive flights from William Creek to the Dalhousie Springs via the Simpson Desert.

Dalhousie Springs has ranked #1 in Australian Geographic's list of the top 10 hot springs spots in Australia.

Experience the sand dunes and natural colours together with the chance to see the native wild life.

Explore the natural ponds and swim in the relaxing Dalhousie Springs.

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  • Dalhousie Springs lies in the heart of arid Australia, a large oasis in one of the driest parts of the continent.
  • These are the largest artesian springs in Australia and are of national and international significance.
  • Dalhousie Springs are so isolated from other bodies of permanent water that they contain many endemic animals.
  • The group of springs, collectively referred to as Dalhousie Springs includes Missionary Spring, Mt Jessie Spring, Earwanyera, Warrarrinna and Dalhousie Springs Proper.
  • There are approximately 100 springs and mounds at Dalhousie, of which about 80 are active and are spread over an area of only about 70 km sq.
  • Some springs have such large outflows that the group as a whole accounts for about 43% of the natural flow of water from the Great Artesian Basin.
  • Some of the springs have large pools at their source, others are cold seeps.
  • Long drainage channels from the larger springs become extensive swamplands which like the spring mounds and pools, support a lush vegetation.
  • Dalhousie Springs
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