Coober Pedy Deluxe Flight



Coober Pedy, Lake Eyre, Anna Creek Station, William Creek
Half day
Min guests:

Coober Pedy Deluxe Flight

$950 per adult
$850 per child (4-12years, infants fly free of charge)

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This Half Day flight approx. departs Coober Pedy and tracks over the Oodnadatta Track, Old Ghan railway line and Nilpinna Station. We fly abeam the homestead at Nilpinna, appreciating the remoteness of outback life, and over the Davenport Ranges and Mt Margaret, which rise quite abruptly and impressively from the surrounding landscape.

Following the river systmes from The Davenport Ranges all the way down to Kati Thanda Lake Eyre, you will enter at the Neales Delta, one of the main rivers feeding into the lake. Your flight continues tracking from the Northern end of the lake down the centre - the Warburton Groove to Dulhunty Island where pelicans, ducks, bandied stilts, kites, small cormorants and sea gulls gather when the water is flowing. From here, heading south into Belt Bay we see the deepest part of the lake at 15m below sea level. From here, it is time to stop in the smallest town in Australia - William Creek for a stretch of the legs and a refreshing drink at the iconic William Creek Hotel. After departing William Creek, we head South to fly over the Anna Creek Painted Hills, a hidden landmark few people have been able to witness. The sheer beauty of these colourful hills will leave a lasting impression before we return to Coober Pedy.

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