Lake Eyre Classic, Anna Creek Painted Hills & Landing from William Creek

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Lake Eyre & Painted Hills
Duration (approx):
2 hours (flight time) 45 mins (ground tour)
Min passengers:

William Creek - Lake Eyre Classic, Painted Hills & Landing 

From $730 per adult
From $630 per child (4-12years, infants fly free of charge)

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Take an up close guided tour of the Anna Creek Painted Hills with the only operator who can land you there! Depart William Creek on unique trip to view Kati Thanda Lake Eyre and the Anna Creek Painted Hills.

Flying over Lake Eyre, enjoy the visual extremities of Australia's largest inland lake. Witness its incredible colours and patterns that become accentuated from the air whether full of water or totally dry.

This flight will also take you over the must see Anna Creek Painted Hills, set in Outback South Australia and covering an area of 30km by 10km. Made of sandstone, the hills are in pristine condition and show off incredible vibrant colours. No roads exist in this area and it can only be viewed by air.

The flight gives you a unique and spectacular opportunity to view one of Australia's hidden iconic landmarks. Located on Anna Creek Station, seldom people have witnessed the sheer beauty of the Anna Creek Painted Hills.

This flight includes a landing at the Painted hills where you will take a guided walk through these spectacular hills. This gives you the opportunity to truly appreciate their fragility and perhaps even see some marine fossils. Walking tour takes approximately 45 minutes in addition to the 1 hour (approx) flight time.

The flight includes full commentary via headsets worn by all guests and superb window views.

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